Matt Wilson Band is based out of Austin but goes around Texas (and probably beyond) for events, mine being in Houston.

They did an amazing job. Most of the wedding bands all started sounding the same when I reviewed them online, but Matt Wilson stood out. They play a very wide variety of songs and do an amazing job. The entire crowd of 200+ guests were on the dance floor by the end of the night, having a great time. I got several compliments on the band and their songs. They really do a great job and are wonderful performers, engaging the guests and making it fun.

The booking company is BBA Booking, and they did a great job making sure everything was organized and in line before the big day. They also accepted my list of songs we liked and disliked based on their extensive sample list included on the Matt Wilson website, as well as special requests for anything else. Then they actually made sure to play those like songs the night of. I didn't notice any dislikes or remember not thinking every song sounded great, so I am sure they followed that as well!

Wonderful band. Everyone said it was the most fun wedding they had ever been to, which I owe in large to Matt Wilson.

We also had a bit of an incident with someone at the reception site toward the end of the night. To make sure everyone stayed distracted and kept having fun, the band played a few extra songs over their time and made everything flow smoothly to ensure the "incident" remained discrete. I had no idea anything even happened until the next day.